The company was founded in 1995 and is one of 31 stevedoring companies operating in Riga Freeport.

Following our goal - to develop a modern and competitive port with our means and efforts - large investments were made in recon- struction of piers (JM-22 in 2001; JM-23 in 2005), in modernization machinery and equipment, and in developing infrastructure.

As a result, the previous 4m deep and 86 m long pier JM-22 was upgraded to 8.5m in depth and 125 in length and the previous 5.5 m deep and 101m long pier JM-23 was upgraded to 10.5m in depth and 130m in length.

Thanks to these significant investments, working closely with customers, responding quickly to meet their requirements and offering business solutions to their changing demands, overall tonnage of cargoes increased.

Today the Ltd. “Jaunmilgravja ostas kompanija” takes one of the leading place in the Riga Freeport in handling timber and bulk cargoes.

SIA "Jaunmīlgrāvja ostas kompānija"

Tvaika ielā 70, Rīga, LV-1034, Latvija
Tālr.: + 371 6739 1040
Mob.T.: + 371 2330 3310
E-pasts: osta@jmosta.lv 
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